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We are proud to share our successes in sustainability and environmental stewardship with our Team Members. From merchandising efforts and selling sustainable products, to the energy department’s careful selection of equipment, there are savings and efficiencies to be found and highlighted in every department across the company. Here are just a few of our sustainable initiatives: 

Farm to Club

No federal standard to define “locally grown” exists, but BJ’s has clearly defined “local” as food that is grown and sold within the same state. Providing fresh, seasonal food to Members helps support the local community as well as reduces carbon emissions from shipping food over long distances.

We Set the Standard for Natural and Organic labeling

Did you know “natural” products are currently unregulated? That’s why we created our own strict guidelines and testing for natural products, and set tougher organic standards than the USDA. Look for our Natural and Organic shelf signs to find products with no artificial ingredients, GMOs or trans fats.

Seafood Sustainability

In partnership with our vendors and leading environmental nonprofit organizations, BJ’s is working to protect the long-term sustainability of the world’s seafood supply. For example, we have chemical free shrimp in our freezer cases. This product contains only shrimp and salt - never artificial preservatives.

GMO (Genetically Modified Food) Regulation & Use

In addition to other vendor products, BJ’s is proud that our Wellsley Farms All Natural/Organic Items are GMO free.

Partnering for the Planet

BJ’s is working with our Vendors to help them streamline their logistics, identifying opportunities to conserve energy and resources. Check out General Mills’ success story to see how a small change can deliver big benefits for both the Earth and our Members.

Social Compliance and Vendor Code of Conduct

BJ’s audits Vendors to ensure that they are socially responsible around:
  • fair labor laws & human trafficking
  • environmental impact
  • working conditions: health, safety and more

Sodium Reduction

In partnership with the National Salt Reduction Initiative, BJ’s works to reduce sodium levels in all products. In addition to other brands, BJ’s Healthy Helpings brand has special strict requirements for salt in each serving.

Solar Panels

We have installed solar panels in 18 clubs across MA, NJ, NY, RI, & CT. In FY12 and FY13, Club solar panels produced 4,249,000 kwh. In addition, all Clubs (except those in mall locations) have skylights to reduce lighting costs. 

Recycling Accomplishments

Small actions — like committing to cardboard recycling in our Clubs, Distribution Centers and Home Office — can make a big difference. That’s why we’re constantly improving on our program, saving an additional 4 tons of cardboard from landfills in 2013 compared to 2011.

Home Office Energy Use

Electric use and cost at the Home Office has dropped due to recent retro-commissioning of the HVAC system and lighting controls.  We’ve installed occupancy sensors and timers in break rooms, offices and rest rooms located in our Home Office, Clubs and Distribution Centers. Now we know rooms are only lit when they’re in use.

Sav-A-Watt Program

Lights, air conditioning and safe food storage can use a lot of electricity. But last year, BJ’s cut our typical Club usage by about 2.25% with new, more efficient lighting, HVAC systems and refrigeration. Improvements like these don’t just help the environment — they help keep costs low so we can pass the savings on to you.

BJ's One Million Tree Commitment

In 2013, BJ’s joined forces with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant over 1 million trees by the year 2020 in our nation’s forests and communities devastated by natural disasters. We’re working hard to meet our goal with 142,854 trees planted in our first year alone.
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