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Warehouse Manager - 2nd Shift

Job Number: 3787
Category: DC Logistics
Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Administering and executing all put to club, storage, pallet, cigarettes and general warehouse operations to include: Developing and maintaining a daily staffing plan to ensure efficient merchandise flow and 100% asset integrity on all outbound shipments, overseeing the put to club and cigarette process to ensure the timely throughput of all merchandise, supervising timely and accurate receipt, staging, quality control and cross docking of all storage merchandise and cigarettes, monitoring safety and loss prevention practices to ensure a safe working environment, prioritizing all high shrink merchandise to reduce potential loss, and training new team members in put to club, storage, pallet operations and general warehouse operations. 

  • Manage the daily activities of the put to club, storage, pallet and cigarette operations.  Oversee the efficient flow of merchandise, including cigarettes through put to club to ensure timely and accurate processing.  Ensure quality control processes are enforced to achieve 100% asset integrity on all outbound shipments.  Coordinate the receiving, processing, staging and shipping of all reset, storage and cigarette operations.  Ensure safe and accurate trailer loading and merchandise palletizing techniques are utilized to prevent product damage.  
  • Maintain safety compliance with equipment operations to include:  Forklifts, pallet jacks and powered electric jacks.  Support and assist the ongoing development of safety programs, raising awareness and reducing safety accidents/incidents.  Ensure the timely reporting, documenting and retraining of all safety violations.  Encourage participation in monthly safety meetings, as well as ongoing suggestions for safety enhancements.   
  • Maintain accuracy rate of 100% outbound shipments through enforcement of all procedures and policies.  Ensure the timely investigation of discrepancies and follow-up training on all errors.  Ensure equipment functionality to maintain accuracy and efficiency.   Assist Loss Prevention/Quality Control department in their research and recovery efforts.
  • Ensure all high shrink merchandise is properly stored in the security cage in accordance with documented procedures.  Ensure merchandise is properly wrapped, quality checked and released directly onto trailer from the security cage.
  • Maintain timely administration of team member performance evaluations, corrective actions, performance documentation and recognition programs.  Encourage open communication with team members through weekly departmental meetings and one on one interaction.  Apply policies and procedures consistently and fairly.
  • Develop and coach team members and supervisors to achieve department goals and objectives.  Provide feedback to team members not only during performance appraisals but during regular interaction.  Maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with all levels of team members and managers/supervisors.



  • Bachelor's degree
  • 3 to 5 year of experience in a distribution environment
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Proven computer skills using Microsoft Office applications
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